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04 May 2013 @ 07:02 pm
I’ve read some stories of Poe in those very thin volumes who only had 2-3 tales. I own a medium thick volume from Penguin Classics series. ‘The Fall of the House of Usher and Other Writings’ contains most of the stories I’ve already read and all those that I still want to read. I want to make a list here to keep track of what I’ve read and what my opinion is to each *U* It is not his complete work, for example ‘The Sphinx’ is not listed within this, but I’ve read (and liked) it some time ago.

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I’ve read some stories of Poe in those very thin volumes who only had 2-3 tales. I own a medium thick volume from Penguin Classics series. ‘The Fall of the House of Usher and Other Writings’ contains most of the stories I’ve already read and all those that I still want to read. I want to make a list here to keep track of what I’ve read and what my opinion is to each *U* It is not his complete work, for example ‘The Sphinx’ is not listed within this, but I’ve read (and liked) it some time ago.

<lj-cut="Poe enthusiast, assemble">
Sonnet – to science
Al Aaraaf
To Helen
The City and the Sea
The Sleeper
The Valley of Unrest
<s>The Raven</s> His best known, I think. If you know Poe, you know ‘The Raven’. I like this poem best until now, because it’s the only one I’ve read so far. Still, I like ravens and this poem is so beautifully written, so thrilling. It’s fun to watch how uneasy an animal’s eye can make you.
For Annie
A Valentine
Annabel Lee
The Bells

MS. Found in a Bottle
The Man that was Used Up
The Fall of the House of Usher
<s>William Wilson</s> I love how Poe tells short tales with such intensity. I liked this tale because of reasons. It cannot be explained in words.
<s>The Man of the Crowd</s> Holy fuck, this is one of my many faves. I liked how Poe started of with a German sentence, how a book won’t let itself be read. I was overwhelmed by the many descriptions of people, watching them (makes me feel like going to a tea shop myself and sit there, simply watching our modern day of life rush by in hasty steps). The Man who was followed, I guess he knew what was up and tried to shake the narrator of the story off lol.
<s>The Murders in the Rue Morgue</s> I’ve read this in a Sherlock Holmes way and actually tried to solve the mystery -A- who would have known THAT outcome!? It was kinda freaking me out but I’m okay re-reading it today lol;
A Descent into the Maelström
<s>The Oval Portrait</s> To say it in Poe’s own words: ghastly. It kind of reminds you of the story of Dorian Gray (nothing like it tho). It’s funny what a woman (or anyone in love) will do for someone they love…dying, the most permanent and maybe shocking way to prove oneself.
<s>The Masque of the Red Death</s> Again one of my favorites. First time reading this, it creeped me out. Second time too D: it’s such a frightening story but the morale is so clear and obvious. You cannot outrun or hide from Death. You cannot buy your way out.
The Pit and the Pendulum
<s>The Tell-Tale Heart</s> This tale is also widely known, yes? I liked it! It’s another story, who like ‘The Raven’, I encountered first in The Simpsons xD I remember ‘The Raven’ being in the Horror specials. But ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’ was in the regular program. Loved it.
<s>The Gold Bug</s> First thing I ever read of Poe, another of my favorites .w. I like the pirate-y feel in this, the accent of the dark dude. I admire people who can do things that I cannot (or ever would be able to do), like solving codes and shit.
<s>The Black Cat</s> This was just so creepy D: A good tale of course, but dsadjksakd scary!
The Purloined Letter
The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar
<s>The Cask of Amontillado</s> This is one of <lj user="Kurainanimo">’s favorites. I liked this story as well but I do have a question, Tessa xD; did the guy (the narrator’s are almost always nameless) seal his own death by making a wall? Or was his only intention to lock in Fortunato (who may or may not got away somehow?) OR! Did he lock himself in that cellar and did Fortunato get away?
03 March 2022 @ 11:23 pm

Now what? Nothing actually xDD; I just always wanted a fo banner. There are things particulary locked for some friends, but most of my life is out here in the open *A*

But since I don't want the 'normal' outsides to have a look at the madness of my mind, you gotta add me and I add you back *A* And in a case that I don't react, leave a message .w.

I just wanted a gorge banner all my life~ Let me INDULGE <3~~~~~~~~~

Thanks at toragasm for making this banner for me >w<;;
When you forgot about seeing them all summer and the realization just kicks on ONE WEEK BEFORE THE SHOW after which you start to really hype up and looking forward to it, it can only take some time afterwards to round up all your thoughts and write a first ever report for a live OAO

YESSS, LET'S DO THIS. http://fish-wifey.tumblr.com/post/62498551787/the-gazette-2013-9-25-fsw-dortmund-germany-sort

BEFORE~ (more personal views, meeting people)Collapse )

THE LIVE!!!!!!!

OH. MY. GOD. So Brenda and I had discussed fairly early after getting tickets, that we would rumble from the back 8D うしろの方 as I called it 'the power of the back'. We had a lot of space too~ For this live, we went for Aoi's side, since Uruha's side was near the door and we wanted to let people have enough space to get in. Behind and above us was the first floor, crowded~ behind us was the music space (or how you call it), surrounded by barriers.

Now the to the venue, it was pretty big for someone who hadn't attended many lives, there was a huge disco ball at the ceiling. The staff was checking all the lights. The bad thing; it was INSANELY HOT. People at the back were sitting on the floor, chillin' out. Brenda and I had our hair in the ponytails for the time being.Still 20 minutes to go, the place was heated up like crazy. We were so glad for the ushiro decision, dying at the thought to stand in front and be squeezed like sardines D:

SETLIST (aka, let me cry forever at everything):
02. Leech
03. Before I decay
10. Headache Man
12. Cockroach
13. Filth in the beauty


14. Shiver
15. Ruder
16. Linda ~candydive pinky heaven~
Caps lock because OH MY LAAAAAAND.

OK SO. If you haven't seen GoT with the motherfucking audio commentary. GO. AND. DO. IT. I rented my version from the library and omfg so worth the time. I died with these people ok. FUCKING DIED.

Winter is coming. Collapse )
04 May 2013 @ 05:38 pm
In this case, Enjolras/Grantaire. As I have been in the Les Mis fandom for just a few weeks, I couldn't help but fall in love with them. Tumblr had me again, falling for a fictional couple before I even knew their names. As is due course, I sought out fanfiction and I'm now writing down what I think of it so far.

First of all, the general demand for modern au's in any fandom is higher then it was four years ago, it has increased by the double no doubt. It just so happens that I like canon era based fanfics more and more, as the demand au rises.

No matter if the fic I found was canon or modern, there are a few things that gets on my nerves with the worlds that e/R are set to live in. I cannot say 'the worlds that are created', because there is little creation to be found. I understand that tropes happen all the time and of course I am no non-believer that, putting in the tropes, bonds a fandom. You take one knowledge, share it, adapt it, live by it.
Let me tell you a thing Collapse )
I know what I'm saying here is all very selfish and I hope you people understand that it's only my opinion. I just felt very strongly about it to write it all down and get it off my head. It's better this way then to have it all clogged up and distract you~

With this, if any of my friends have some good e/R fics for me to read, please link them over! I hope to ask Ange soon to be my critic and beta the fics I have, because she's the best and always very honest when it comes to writing.
12 April 2013 @ 04:36 pm
And here go my feels. This came as I watched the movie, I have more of them though ;A;

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08 February 2013 @ 06:40 pm
but oh please don't mind me. This post is purely dedicated to my dear sweet amazing awesome powerhouse of a friend, Kohl~ I don't want to clog up the twitter feed and this is the sure shot way I know she will see it so psssshhh


I swear to god, all I wanted, were 4 Hawkeye/Black widow comics. I don't know how it came to this ;; I just came home and Kohl's package arrived ;A; 2 sweet cute notes, comics upon comics upon comics and motherfucking CLINIQUE products later, I was in tears, screaming, pouting and saying 'naaaanndeeeeeeeee???' all over the place. Sweetheart ;; I don't deserve it QAQ~~~~

danslkdsdna I wanna have a greasy afternoon tomorrow with fries and burgers and lots of soda when I read the comics <3 I never owned one in my life (we're counting out the stacks of Donald Ducks I had ok?) and after the AVENGERSSASS AASSEEEMBLHAAGAHHHWWWWDDDD, I wanted a few ;; and Kohl offered to buy me some ;A; then she said 'no honey it's ok no need to pay me' and I was like 'but but butbutbtutbutbtutbutbtutbtbutbtu' but she wouldn't hear any of it.

NOWsljndsklsadslddl and a week ago she said she put in some little extra and i fuCKING DIEADMKNLDSIDOJKPL{

CLINIQUE ;; tinted lipbalm~ (which is DIVINE omfg i need to rec it to my Singaporean doll Tessa), a spot corrector (good idea, I need this) NADANJDBLKANDLLN:ANDLS a clean, sleek box with two eye shadows and a blush ;; wearing the blush now TAT
The thing is, the inner geek in me always wanted to have a Clinique box, ever since I saw the cool blond chick in Transformers (the first one with the only cool blond chick in the whole movie trilogy) used her Clinique blusher to store away a SD card with secret codes dnsakdamsdklmlak and now I have one ;w; I will take it anywhere with me TWT~~~

Kohl, I swear to god, you're tooooo preciouuuusss ;; you need to pm me your paypal address though, the shipping costs is insane and I need to pay it back ok?
Thank you soososososososoo much for the gifts TAT I am insanely happy with them~ And about your secret note, ofc I would love to sample them~~~~ I'm already excited and the idea is sooooo fucking cool!!! Knowing you, the colours will be powerful >D

19 January 2013 @ 10:56 pm
Because I want to not think about Kili and Fili and the pain they will cause and the dark age of which we shall not speak until 2014 and pffftttt. Too many feels and tears and screaming (my throat hurts ok) for these two motherfuckers.

SO. I watched Thor: Tales of Asgard today~ It was sorta ok I guess? I watched it for the brother feels (HAH THEY ARE E-VERY-WHERE) and I thought Loki was quite cool in it. Thor is not an idiot and Odin is cool too.

I also finished Kafka on the Beach and ugh, pfft. I only finished what I started and because I wanted to add it to my goodreads feed. Not much to say about it.

Still angsting over exam results. I still need to hear 3/4 and Texts was 5 days ago PFFFTT.

Sorry for no comma's, fucking tumblr.

BACK TO THE PAIN, RIGHT? I finished watching the production videos of The Hobbit. So much screaming laughter, tears, emotions ;o; crazy how many people it needs to make such an amazing movie. I usually stay seated in the cinema until the main characters credits role are done, but I will give all the people who worked on it the honour by staying seated.

I think I saw the movie 20 times now?? One time for full in the cinema and like, 15 times from a rip I found. I usually just watch my favourite scenes xD; But I want to see it one more time in IMAX 3D, before it goes out and comes as a DVD xD

No but really, fucking dwarves giving me fucking feels over fucking events that haven't even OCCURED yet.
Someone hold me.

To top this cherry pie off: a week before I saw the movie, I heard of the Moleskine special Hobbit edition. They are GORGEOUS and amazing, but also pricey. Now, I soon need a Moleskine anyway, but thought I just take the normal one.

Now, mere weeks after, I know for sure what I will buy first on payday Monday XDDD;
06 January 2013 @ 01:51 pm
I decided to finally post all the crappy pictures I have on my phone .w.b

hahahaa creativity what creativityCollapse )

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18 December 2012 @ 02:25 pm
My alarm ringtone is Kesha's Tick Tock, so this morning it woke me up and it went down like this:

Phone: Wake up in the morning feeling like-
Me: *pushes snooze button* no.

Feeling like no is actually how I've felt since the start of exams.

Convo went alright, although I had suddenly forgot basically, everything :D I even forgot the most simplest of things, から~まで, from~to. The teacher asked me how long the exam of the next day was, so I went off like さんじかんはじめ、ろくじかんおわります。 Excuse me, what? Ridiculous.

Texts had only one definition, which I will give in any language I know: HEULEN, HUILEN, CRYING, なきたい!!!
Which is was, in the end. The begin went sorta okay because it was easy, and then the translations came. With my eternal cries. I already knew beforehand that I will re-sit this business but I'm sorta scared D:

Kanji. My soul and fire. And I did it so badly. Like convo, all of a sudden, I forgot the stuff I knew from the start, which had been always so easy for me. So, know idea if I have to re-sit it or not. Maybe not.

Grammar on Friday was murder and slaughter for everyone, although it should be SO FUCKING EASY. In the end I bullshitted, but now I'm afraid I shouldn't have :D

This week it's Japan in the 21st century, on which I prepared myself pretty well and on Thursday we conclude with Area studies, where we all want to cry rivers again .w.b

So yeah, I still live. NOT DEAD OR BEATEN YET.
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